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Rivenditore Moustache bikes

Moustache bikes

Moustache is a fun, unique, qualitative, and modern vision of the e-bike. It’s also a responsible vision, with assembly in France and a partnership with Bosch who also produces motors and batteries in Europe.

Today, we are ready to share our beliefs and I hope that after reading this, you’ll want to try our bikes and, more importantly, that you’ll feel the passion that went into developing them. We invite you to live this new adventure with us and become a protagonist for modern mobility.

Samedi 27/9FS race

Moustache bikes Samedi 27/9FS race

€ 5.929,00

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Samedi 27/9FS gold

Moustache bikes Samedi 27/9FS gold

€ 5.719,00

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Samedi 27/9FS speed

Moustache bikes Samedi 27/9FS speed

€ 5.199,00

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Samedi 27/9FS titanium

Moustache bikes Samedi 27/9FS titanium

€ 4.529,00

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Samedi 27/9FS silver

Moustache bikes Samedi 27/9FS silver

€ 3.949,00

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Samedi 27/9 gold

Moustache bikes Samedi 27/9 gold

€ 3.649,00

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Samedi 27/9 silver

Moustache bikes Samedi 27/9 silver

€ 3.119,00

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Samedi 27/9 white

Moustache bikes Samedi 27/9 white

€ 2.659,00

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